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See what past clients have said about Joseph W Galasso’s Criminal Defense representation:

Mr. Galasso was very compassionate from the very moment that I spoke to him on the phone. I explained to him how I was having anxiety with court (trying to get community service hours extended) and how my current public defender is very rude and lacks patience. Mr. Galasso put my mind at ease, and can work with your budget…if my current public defender continues to have a sour attitude towards me, I’m going to hire Mr. Galasso because he seems to be more professional, patient, and caring. He looks at his clients as individuals and cares about their situations. I definitely recommend Mr. Galasso!
—Tammy Caule
Dana Point, CA

Jospeh Galasso - Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney

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Riverside CA, 92501
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COVID-19 & Domestic Disruption

Consultations and Court Filings Available Online

Joseph Galasso will continue to serve clients and engage new clients during this time of unprecedented closures and restrictions. 

Riverside County has seen an increase in domestic violence complaints due to the shelter in place orders in 2020. As couples and their family members contend with financial stress, isolation, alcohol and drug dependency, and anger management issues, reported incidents are rising – sometimes dramatically. If you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone.

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