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Former District AttorneyFighting For YOU!

Joseph Galasso is a Criminal Lawyer and former Deputy District Attorney who...

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20 +Years Exp

Former Deputy DA, Joseph Galasso, knows how prosecutors think. Call him to review your case and see if you and he are a good fit...

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Mr. Galasso put my mind at ease. He looks at his clients as individuals & cares about their situations.

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Defense Against Death Penalty Results In Both Defendants Receiving Life In Prison

Riverside Jury returned a recommendation that the defendants in a Riverside murder case with special enhancements get life in prison after the prosecutor sought the death penalty. Attorney Joe Galasso Represented one of the defendants in the 10-year-old case saying: “Basically (a gang) raised these guys, and they never really had a chance in life. […]

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The stakes are high when facing a criminal conviction.
Acting quickly can make ALL the difference.

Joseph W. Galasso, is a former prosecutor with the Riverside DA’s Office. Joseph handled thousands of cases as a Riverside ADA. Now, as a Riverside criminal defense lawyer practicing for 20-years, he brings a prosecutor’s experience and knowledge of the DA’s tactics to defend those facing misdemeanors and serious felonies.

Joseph defends those charged with parole violations, violent crimes, gang crimes, drug crimes, shoplifting, burglary, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, attempted murder, and more.

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Mr. Galasso handled thousands of cases as a Riverside prosecutor and now, two decades (20 years) defending people from the very prosecutors he used to work with. You can have the advantage of being defended by a Riverside criminal defense attorney who knows the criminal justice system and knows on a first name basis the people inside the Riverside Criminal Justice system. Joe regularly defends people facing criminal charges ranging from low-level infractions to serious, violent felonies. As a result, Joe fully understands the various arresting agencies and prosecuting offices in Riverside County. Most of all, Mr. Galasso’s behind-the-scene’s experiences provide his clients with a valuable advantage in their time of need.

Joe Galasso is an experienced Riverside criminal defense attorney. Because Joe has years of inside-the-system experience as a former Riverside Prosecutor you can benefit having him on your side. As a result of Joseph’s time in the prosecutor’s office, you can take advantage as he is now representing people he used to very-effectively prosecute.

Joe’s DA’s office experience provides his criminal defendant clients the bonus of knowing how the DA’s office and its talented prosecutors make choices and their strategic thinking. It is always an advantage to hire a defense attorney who used to be a local prosecutor. Most importantly, having an attorney who is experienced as both a Prosecutor and a Defense attorney is always a HUGE plus if you can afford that stature of attorney and that level of legal representation.

Latest Case Results

1st Degree Murder with Firearm facing life with possibility of parole (LWOP) Manslaughter 17 yrs
1 st Degree Murder with Knife facing 25 years to life Manslaughter 11 yrs
Attempted Murder facing 7 yrs to life Misdemeanor credit for time served
Attempted murder with firearm and gang allegation facing life in prison 12 Years
Felony DUI with death Probation no custody time
Kidnapping, domestic violence, assault with deadly weapon, great bodily injury and three strikes facing life in prison Credit for time served/no probation
Financial Elder Abuse over $200K Misdemeanor no custody time
Numerous drug sales and transportation charges Reduced to misdemeanor drug possession
Grand theft auto and drug sales with strike prior Drug rehab program
Assault with a deadly weapon and great bodily injury NOT GUILTY
Child molestation NOT GUILTY
Assault with deadly weapon, robbery, great bodily injury and gang affiliation NOT GUILTY
Take over robbery, kidnapping for purpose of robbery, personal use of firearm, 3 strikes case facing numerous life in prison counts: 12 Years

Former Riverside CA Prosecutor Defending You!

Joseph W. Galasso, III, Esq., former prosecutor with the DA’s Office, is now an experienced Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney defending those charged with violent crimes, gang crimes, burglary, assault, domestic violence and more.

Call Joe at (951) 225-4130.

Respected Throughout the Riverside Justice System

Especially relevant is that Joseph W. Galasso is widely respected among court personnel, judges and deputy district attorneys. Joe’s excellent reputation helps him negotiate favorable outcomes for his clients, often without going to trial. Even if negotiations fail, Joe has proven that not only does he enjoy trial, he excels in the courtroom! It is beneficial to hire a Riverside Criminal defense attorney who excels in the courtroom as many cases, even those cases where Joe can get some charges dismissed and others reduced, will still require a court appearance to bring the case to a final close.

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Seven Reasons to Call Joe Galasso

If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney, there are many reasons to choose Joe Galasso. Here are seven of them:

  1.  20+ years of experience. Joe brings two decades of successful courtroom experience and knowledge to every case.
  2. He’s a former Riverside County Deputy DA. He used to work for the state of California. Joe knows what tactics they will use against you and he will aggressively counter those tactics from every possible angle.
  3. Having A sterling reputation among judges, prosecutors, and court personnel throughout the area, allows Joe to make special requests, effectively negotiate plea deals, and other efforts for his clients.
  4. Joe accepts All major credit cards, cash, and checks.
  1. Flexible payment plans are available if you are unable to pay your fee up front. Do not worry, there’s a good chance Joe will be able to work out a payment schedule with you.
  2. Joe believes in affordable legal fees. As an always busy criminal defense attorney, Joe has the flexibility to keep his legal services accessible to all who need a top drawer defense attorney on their side.
  3. Joseph offers everyone a FREE case evaluation. Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving Joe a call 24/7 to see if you are a good fit — if Joe is the right criminal defense attorney for you.

Call or Email Joe Right Now!

Your life, freedom, and your future are likely on the line. Don’t delay. You need to hire an experienced, dedicated Riverside criminal defense attorney to counsel you, represent and advocate for you as soon as possible.

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If you cannot talk freely right now



Hire the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Afford

Hiring a top-drawer criminal defense attorney is often directly proportional to a better outcome in the criminal justice system.

Nothing Is More Expensive Than A Cheap Lawyer

Good lawyers are not cheap. Unfortunately, “Nothing Is More Expensive Than A Cheap Lawyer.

Joe is compassionate and empathetic. As a result of his empathy, Joe always makes every attempt to adjust his fees to meet his clients circumstances if at all possible. Moreover, if you and Joe are a good fit and he becomes your criminal defense attorney, he will work tirelessly to attempt to get the DA not to file a case if in the early stage. If charges have already been filed, Joe will work at getting the charges dismissed or reduced. After advocating for you and negotiating any charges, should your case still end up in a courtroom, Joe is skilled in the courtroom. Hence, Joe will strive to obtain the best possible outcome for any remaining charges.

Upshot – Hire the best criminal defense attorney you can afford as quickly as you can. Your results will mirror your choices and timeliness.

Call an Experienced Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are being investigated by the police or been charged with a crime it is in your best interest to:

(1) – NEVER voluntarily speak with the police, and
(2) – ALWAYS consult with a Criminal Defense attorney as soon as possible.

Call me, Joseph Galasso, a former Riverside Deputy District Attorney – and now a private Riverside Criminal defense attorney defending those accused and charged with crimes. In conclusion, I offer a NO cost, FREE consultation to see if we are a good fit.

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There is No Case That Cannot Be Won, Negotiated or Mitigated

Joe’s early career was focused on prosecuting criminal cases in the Riverside District Attorney’s office. Now, Joe helps those under investigation, or arrested by law enforcement and prosecuted by the all-powerful government.

Real Clients. Real Cases. Winning Results.

Riverside County criminal defense attorney, Joseph W. Galasso, helps real people who have life-altering cases receive the best possible outcome.

Just because you have been accused of a crime
does not mean you’re a criminal.

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Former Riverside Prosecutor…
NOW – Defending Riverside County Residents

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