Temecula criminal defense attorney Joseph W. Galasso, Esq. is a former Riverside County prosecutor who brings you insider’s knowledge and experience of how county and state prosecutors think and prosecute criminal charges. Joseph will share with you or your loved one under investigation, facing criminal charges, or arrested the ‘big picture’ of whom and what you are facing.

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Former prosecutor at Riverside County District Attorney’s Office

Temecula criminal defense attorney Joseph W. Galasso, Esq. is a former prosecutor at the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office. He was part of a team of government prosecutors whose job was to prosecute misdemeanor and felony cases in the Juvenile, District and Superior Courts.

For the past 20 years, attorney Galasso helps those being prosecuted by Law Enforcement and the ‘state’ find justice!

Joseph brings to you or your loved one’s case ‘insider’s knowledge’ and experience of how prosecutors think and prosecute criminal charges.

If you or your loved one is under criminal investigation, facing criminal charges, or have been arrested, give Joseph a call now (951) 225-4120.

During a Free Consultation, Temecula criminal defense attorney Galasso can share a ‘big picture’ view of what you or your family member is facing. He can begin brainstorming a plan of action to get the charges reduced — or dropped altogether.

Who You Hire Can Make ALL the Difference.

Temecula criminal defense attorney - Joseph W. Galasso
Temecula Criminal Defense Attorney Galasso

Have you been charged with a crime in the Temecula Valley? – Riverside County?

The experience of being arrested is frightening and confusing. If this is your first time dealing with law enforcement and the legal system in Temecula, Murrieta or the Inland Empire, Joseph W. Galasso can help you navigate the confusing criminal justice system while lowering your stress and anxiety. If you are seeking a Temecula criminal defense attorney for a loved one that has been arrested and is currently in jail, Joseph is a good first call. He’ll be able to answer all your questions and give you a visual picture of what is happening to your family member, what he or she is experiencing and what you can do to help on your end.

Attorney Galasso will provide honest answers, clear explanations, and top-drawer criminal defense on your behalf or that of your loved one.

Just because you have been accused of a crime does not mean you’re a criminal.

Remember, just because you have been accused of a crime does not mean you’re a criminal. In fact, that ‘ideal’ is a foundation block of the United States legal system. Like the US, Joseph W. Galasso believes you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law – beyond a reasonable doubt. Joseph treats every client with utmost respect. He will listen attentively to your story and circumstances. He will provide you honest answers to your questions based on the facts of your case. He will help you devise a strategic plan to deal with the charges and the prosecutor(s) with the goal of getting charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Now in his 20th year practicing law, Temecula criminal defense attorney Galasso understands your recent and ongoing interactions with law enforcement and prosecutors can make you feel terrible. The process of being booked, processed, fingerprinted, and photographed is not an uplifting and dignifying experience. Joseph wants that experience to be in your rearview mirror as much as you do.

Hiring a ‘Former Prosecutor’ as your Temecula Valley Criminal Defense Attorney.

Hiring a former prosecutor brings you the benefit of having the insider’s knowledge and experience of how county and state prosecutors think and prosecute criminal charges – the ‘big picture’ of whom and what you are facing. Attorney Galasso will explain the prosecution’s likely case and strategy while sharing with you the full spectrum of your rights. He will be your ‘former prosecutor’ putting together a strategy you you and your case to find the best way to achieve the best possible outcome of your case. We want to do everything possible to increase your chances of having the charges against you reduced or dropped entirely.

Criminal cases are rarely ‘open-and-shut’. Every case usually has multiple layers to unfold. Law enforcement, prosecutors, witnesses and ‘victims’ have ‘their view’ to what led to the charges being filed. You have your story to tell, and Law enforcement may not believe you – or care. Oftentimes, there is a single overlooked detail that might affect the entire outcome.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney’s Expected Duties Include:

Filing paperwork with the court, examination of evidence, preparing witnesses to defend our client, and to present our client’s defense to the judge and jury.

If you’ve been arrested for a crime, you have the right to a vigorous, aggressive, and professional legal defense.

You want to retain an attorney if you think your are being investigated, and certainly if arrested!

You want to have your attorney present during police interviews and interrogations. You want your attorney advocating for you in court to reduce your bail to a fair amount. You want your attorney to advise you about your options of how to plead to the charges and the implications of a guilty plea.

If You Are Ever Arrested:

(1) – You have the right to remain silent. You can exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent, by refusing to answer questions that may result in incrimination. Anything you say may be used against you by law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney in an attempt to charge and convict you. Don’t give Law Enforcement nor the District Attorneys anything to go on. Politely invoke your right to remain silent.

(2) – You have the right to an attorney. When you are arrested, you have the right to legal counsel. Choosing to involve a Temecula & Riverside County criminal defense attorney as early as possible is one of the best things you can do for your criminal case, as it can help you avoid self-incrimination in questioning, rights violations in searches, and allow for criminal defense preparations to begin.

Emotional, Psychological & Financial Stress

Joseph knows first hand — the extreme emotional, psychological and financial stresses on any individual after being charged, investigated or arrested for a crime.

For those who have been charged and arrested, your reputation can be harmed, your finances stretched to breaking, and your personal freedom is at stake. For many your family and loved ones are impacted.

Your freedom is important to you and your loved ones. It is equally important to Joseph and his dedication and to fiercely represent you as your attorney. Not only will you receive one-on-one personal attention throughout the your case, Attorney Galasso offers top-notch legal representation at reasonable rates – with you and your families’ finances front of mind. When you freedom and reputation are at stake, reach out to a seasoned former prosecutor who will stridently work to get your charges substantially reduced or entirely dropped.

Passionately Defending the Accused Since 2002

The Best Possible Defense

Whether you are facing charges related to a DUI/DWI offense, drug crimes, probation violation, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, burglary, armed robbery, or other serious crimes, Joseph W. Galasso will assist you through the process of having your charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Let’s Get You / Keep You Out of Jail

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Joe, thank you for going above and beyond for my son.


Temecula Valley Criminal Defense Attorney

Temecula Valley criminal defense lawyer and skilled DUI/DWI attorney, Joseph W. Galasso, is a former Riverside County prosecutor who you can retain to defend you, protect your rights, and advocate for fair justice. Joseph Galasso, Temecula Valley criminal defense attorney, is a skilled criminal lawyer who offers stellar legal counsel and courtroom defense for individuals under criminal investigation, or who have been arrested or charged with a crime.

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