Riverside County violent crimes defense attorney Joseph W. Galasso has been practicing criminal law for 20-years.

Riverside County Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with violent crimes charges in Riverside County, the prosecutor will seek the harshest possible penalties. Violent crimes convictions can be severe. For less serious violent crimes, you can face steep fines, probation, and must attend anger management classes. For more serious violent crimes, you can face years to life in prison and even be subject to the death penalty.

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Riverside County Violent Crimes Defense

Joseph W. Galasso, Riverside County Violent crimes attorney started his career in 2002 working for the Riverside County District Attorneys office. Joe later opened his own criminal defense practice where he has been able to defend 1,000’s of Riverside County residents who’ve been charged with assault, battery, weapons charges, child endangerment, criminal threats, domestic violence, home invasion, attempted murder and homicide. Joseph can mount an aggressive defense against the charges you are facing to achieve the best possible outcome, whether it be dismissal of charges, reduced penalties, or acquittal by jury.

Assault & Battery

Facing a criminal charge for assault and/or battery? Or, are you being investigated for assault or battery? If you are, you should immediately consult with Riverside County assault defense attorney. Prosecutors and judges take crimes of violence seriously. Attorney Joseph W. Galasso has been prosecuting and now defending assault and battery defendants for 20 years. Joe has an in-depth understanding of the interworking’s of the criminal justice system, its prosecutors, and judges. He uses his knowledge, experience and personal relationships for the benefit of his clients. You owe it to yourself to speak with a capable criminal defense lawyer as early as possible.

“Battery” is defined as the act of willfully touching someone in a harmful or offensive manner. A common misunderstanding is the victim must suffer an actual physical injury. That’s wrong. No injury is required to prove the offense of battery. The prosecutor must prove that the touching was offensive to the victim and would be similarly offensive to a “reasonable person.”

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Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Assault with a Deadly Weapon – California Penal Code 245(a)(1) or PC245 PC. If you have been arrested and charged for ‘assault with a deadly weapon’ in Riverside County, or elsewhere in Southern California call Joseph W. Galasso. Criminal defense attorney Galasso has successfully defended clients facing these accusations for 20 years. Joseph offers a free phone or sit-down consultation at his Riverside County office.

Being convicted of the ‘assault with a deadly weapon’ comes with serious penalties. Conviction of a violent crime can change your life. Take a stand by having an experienced criminal defense attorney work to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Every criminal defendant has the legal right to defend themselves against criminal charges. Remember, just because you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime does not mean that you will be convicted.

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Battery on a Peace Officer

Arrested for ‘Battery on a Police Officer’ – California Penal Code 243(b) & Penal Code 243(c)? If you knowingly use unlawful force against a peace officer while he or she is performing their duties, you are facing some serious criminal charges.

The prosecution has to prove that (1) you ‘willfully and unlawfully touched a peace officer in a harmful or offensive manner, (2) the victim was a peace officer and was performing the duties of a peace officer, (3) you knew or reasonably should have known, that the victim was a peace officer who was performing his or her duties. That’s a big list. If Joseph W. Galasso is unable to get the charges dismissed or reduced right away, he has multiple opportunities to create an effective defense against the first three ‘must haves’ the prosecutor must prove. If charged for Penal Code 243(c), the prosecutor must additionally prove the victim suffered injury that required medical treatment as a result of the force used. A skilled criminal defense attorney can make all the difference of being convicted.

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Carrying a Concealed Weapon – Penal Code 25400 PC. If you have been arrested and charged with ‘carrying a concealed weapon,’ call Riverside County violent crimes defense attorney Joseph W. Galasso. California has the most restrictive gun laws. Gun owners in California know this from the arduous process of buying a firearm. Consequently, when you are arrested for violating California gun laws you can bet you will be vigorously prosecuted. Prosecutors are especially ruthless in their prosecution of individuals accused of carrying a concealed firearm without a license or lawful purpose. The consequences of a conviction for a gun-related crime can affect you for life. You can even lose your 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Call an attorney quickly. Just because you’ve been arrested doesn’t mean you have to be convicted!

Child Endangerment

Child Endangerment – California Penal Code section 273(a) PC. Prosecutors will often attempt to turn your child against you. Even if they are unable to, they often secure statements from your child that are calculated to be damning evidence against you. Detectives initially, social service workers and investigators from the prosecutor’s office might try to get you child alone. They often use the school system as their private office. If they haven’t already spoken with your child, they might ask your permission to question your child. Don’t be fooled by their assurances that they want to help you. They want to build their case. That is what they do. Their goal is to obtain incriminating statements from your child that can be used against you to obtain a conviction.

Even if your child has never sustained any physical injuries, the penal code states you can be found guilty if you willfully permitted or caused a child to be in a situation where he or she is in any potential endanger. Leaving your child in the car for a quick trip into a convenience store is one that we all are aware of from the nightly news. When charged with child endangerment you want to follow another TV phrase: “Lawyer up.”

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence – California Penal Code section 243(e)1, and section 273.5. Section 243(e)1. Domestic violence is a serious issue affecting some 10,000+ men, women and children in Riverside County, CA annually. Being charged with domestic violence is very serious. Being found guilty of domestic violence is even worse! Far too often, domestic violence charges are filed prematurely or without cause because law enforcement is ‘expected’ to find fault on ANY domestic violence call where there is ANY evidence of violence. Evidence might be a verbal statement, a bruise or scratch.

When facing domestic violence, you will need experienced and vigorous legal representation. Joseph W. Galasso is an experienced domestic violence defense attorney who knows the system, the prosecutors, the judges, and the law.

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Gun Crimes

California has some of the most restrictive and complicated gun laws in the United States. Laws regarding the possession, transportation and actual use of firearms and ammunition is different in adjoining counties! California Proposition 63 was passed by voters in 2016. Prop 63 requires background checks for ammunition purchases and restricts large-capacity ammunition magazines. Firearms in California are politically divisive. With all the politics, demonstrations, and resulting headlines, police and prosecutors are very aggressive in charging and prosecuting weapons charges. If you or a loved one has been arrested on any gun-related offense in Riverside County or a neighboring county, call Joseph W. Galasso. Joe has the experience and knowledge necessary to get your charges dismissed, reduced or get you the best possible outcome.

Home Invasion

Home Invasion – California Penal Code Section 459 – is a residential burglary while the occupants of the home are present. Home invasion occurs when someone enters an inhabited dwelling with the intent to commit theft or a felony inside. Home invasions usually involve some sort of violence as the perpetrators will use a weapon to gain control of the residence and its occupants.

Have you been arrested and/or charged for a crime in connection with a home invasion? If so, you should consult with Riverside County violent crimes defense attorney Joseph W. Galasso who has 20-years’ experience defending those arrested for serious violent crimes. Prosecutors come down especially hard on home invasion as the victims are often traumatized and prosecutors will relate with and become personally affected by their prior cases. It’s human nature and home invasion is particularly scary for all who learn of the details of these crimes. Prosecutors and jurors understand that their families and their homes could just as easily been the victimized.


If you or a loved one has been arrested for murder or homicide you must have effective criminal defense lawyer by your side immediately. Any questioning by police must be stopped. A conviction of first-degree murder can result in life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

The term ‘homicide’ means to kill someone, whether lawfully or unlawfully. Murder is one variation of homicide and the most serious. California Penal Code §187, defines ‘murder’ as killing someone (including a fetus) with malice aforethought. In murder cases, the prosecution will use all power and resources to get a conviction. Joseph W. Galasso wants to hear your version of the story and offers a free consultation by phone, in his office, in the police station, or in the jail where the accused is being detained.


Kidnapping – Penal Code 207 PC defines kidnapping as the use of force or fear to take a person and move them a substantial distance. Kidnapping is one of the most serious crimes for which you, or a loved one, may be charged. In California, kidnapping is a serious felony offense and requires a strong and aggressive defense attorney. Riverside County criminal defense lawyer, Joseph W. Galasso, has handled kidnapping cases and knows how to defend these charges.


Manslaughter – California Penal Code 192 defines manslaughter as the unlawful killing of a human being without malice. If you or a loved one has been charged with Voluntary Manslaughter or Involuntary Manslaughter (California Penal Code 192(b)), Riverside County violent crimes defense attorney Galasso can raise a number of challenges and defenses on your behalf to afford you the strong defense you need. Attorney Joseph W. Galasso always attempts to get charges dismissed or reduced. If the prosecutors have a strong case Joseph can often negotiate a plea that allows you to avoid a criminal conviction or a plea to a lesser offense with lesser penalties depending on the facts of your case.

3rd Strikes

A ‘third strike’ conviction can land you in jail for life. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime under California’s Three Strikes Law, you need the most effective legal representation available to avoid a life sentence. Joseph W. Galasso has been successful defending the technicalities of the prosecutor’s case and can provide a defense strategy to help avoid maximum penalties. He can also work to change the current charge or prior convictions from being a strike offense to a normal charge is an important step in this defense.

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You need a Riverside County violent crimes defense lawyer to get you the best possible outcome. An aggressive criminal defense attorney can often get violent crimes charges dismissed or significantly reduced. Are you aware that some violent crimes include Non-Revocable Parole in California? Penal Code (PC) Section 667.5(c) 667.5. says that many defendants shall be deemed to remain in prison custody for an offense until the official discharge from custody or until release on parole, whichever first

It is hard to overstate the value of vigorous legal representation in a criminal violent crimes case. This is especially true in criminal court where there is more limited basis for criminal appeals. Joseph’s goal is to fight for his clients, so they won’t need to consider the appeal process. He prepares each case as if it will go to trail, while simultaneously attempting to negotiate a dismissal of charges, reduction of charges or reasonable settlement that will be appreciated by his client.

Joseph W. Galasso is an experienced Riverside County violent crimes defense attorney who knows the system, the prosecutors, the judges, and the law. Joe is literally in a courtroom somewhere in Riverside County (in person or via Zoom) virtually. Violent crimes defense attorney Galasso has the experience and dedication you need when charged with a crime. Joseph is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for your case and will help you through this difficult time.

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